Jergen's new tanning line promises the sun's perfect color in a bottle—and it delivers


It's common knowledge that I love a good self-tanner. In the past, I have brought you along on my quest to find the perfect fake tan and I have rounded up my favorite self-tanners for every type of user. And, if you have been paying attention, then you know this quest is never ending. 

Every beauty lover knows Jergen's OG Natural Glow Moisturizing Products, designed to give you a gorgeous, sunkissed glow. Since my mom always had a bottle of this growing up, it was really my first introduction to self-tanning. Years later, it is still a cult favorite. 

Just yesterday, I had the privilege of testing Jergen's newly launched self-tanning line. Their latest collection, Sol by Jergens, is three years in the making. All the products are made with a tanning active derived from natural sugars and promise to deliver the sun's perfect color in a bottle by adjusting to your unique skin tone. The entire line features a tropical, passion fruit essence that smells more like a Hawaii vacation than a fake tanner.

Let me give you a breakdown of each of the products.

Sunless Tanning Water Mousse

This translucent tanning water dispenses as a light, airy mousse that develops within a few hours. The formula is infused with coconut water and is free of dyes, so you don't have to worry about transferring this product onto your clothes.

Tone Enhancing Body Bronzer

Sometimes, you just need an instant touch of glowing skin. This no-commitment product was designed to enhance your natural skin tone. It's quick-drying and made with coconut oil to keep your skin visibly hydrated. At the end of the day, it rinses off easily with soap and water. It's perfect for those days where you just need a little extra bronze on your décolletage.

Sunless Tanning Towelettes

If you want to tan on-the-go, then this is the product for you. These large towelettes have enough formula to cover your whole body. Just like the Sunless Tanning Water Mousse, this color develops within a few hours and is free of dyes.

Sunless Tanning Applicator Mitt

This reusable applicator mitt is made for applying both the Water Mousse and the Body Bronzer. Not only does it prevent your hands from turning a funky color, but it helps to ensure a streak-free, well-blended tan.

I was most excited about the Sunless Tanning Water Mouse, so I applied the Medium shade right when I got home!

As soon as I opened it, I was hit with the most beautiful, fruity scent. A lot of people hate the smell of fake tanning products, but I don't mind them. Sure, I wouldn't want to wear most of them like perfume, but it has never been a big deal to me. This one, however, genuinely smelled incredible. If I closed my eyes, I was alone on a beach somewhere sipping on a piña colada.
I used the applicator mitt to apply the clear foam, which felt a lot like a combination of Isle of Paradise Tanning Water and St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. Because there is no color guide, I gave myself an extra once-over with the mitt just to be sure I didn't miss any spots. Since no color guide also means nothing to rub off onto my clothing, I am more happy to make that trade. The bottle recommends you don't apply the tan to your face, but I usually ignore these warnings on self-tans and apply it anyway with no problems. But, keep that in mind if you have extra sensitive, acne-prone skin.

I let it dry for about 3-5 minutes before I got dressed. It was a teensy bit sticky, but after about twenty minutes I couldn't even tell I had applied it.

Around the four hour mark, I checked myself out in the mirror. I had a gorgeous, totally natural suntan. It actually looked like I had spent a few hours outside. As someone who prefers an extra deep tan, I chose to apply another layer of the Water Mousse. At this point, I went to sleep, and waited to see the results in the morning. 

 When I woke up, the color was perfect. It was deep and bronzy yet not at all orange. In the future, I will choose to use the Deep color as opposed to the Medium one, so I don't have to use as much product by applying it twice. Seriously though, the color is everything I could want in a fake tan. The Self Tanning Water Mousse became an instant favorite in my collection.

My only complaint was with the applicator mitt. It applied my first coat super easily and streak-free. But, while I was applying my second coat, the seams split on either side of the mitt. So, I had to finish my application with my Bondi Sands Applicator Mitt.

Once my current tan fades, I'm going to try the Sunless Tanning Towelettes! So, be on the lookout for my updated review. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my gorgeous tan and dreaming of endless beach days.